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  • nicole441 wrote a new post, Delhi, on the site nicole441 2 hours, 46 minutes ago

    Delhi has had water problems for a long time. 52% of the water that they have gets because of the pipes that are leaking. The Delhi Jal board is responsible for the water supply, water treatment and wast disposal […]

  • nicole441 wrote a new post, water cycle, on the site nicole441 3 hours, 1 minute ago

    The water cycle recycles our water and turns the water back to fresh water. Evaporation: The water that are in lakes or oceans would get heated up by the suns heat and the water would turn into steam or vapor and […]

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Our parent appreciation assembly will be on Wednesday June 3rd at 1pm. There will be a reception to follow in the library at 1:45. Childminding will be available in the gym at 1:45 […]